Strange Media

I came across this interesting video the other day about unusual art media.  the video is longer than the usual ones I include, but there are so many unusual materials used: butter, chewing gum, pencils, topiary, cheese, that it really held my interest.  Favorites of mine were (from the cake section) were the treasure chest, the workbasket and the flaming Spam cake :).  I enjoyed the chair made from coins and the dog made from paper money.  The rock dog was beautifully painted.  I loved the stool made from pink rubber tipped pencils and my favorite egg art was the one where the eggs witnessed the death of one of their companions :(.  American Gothic made from balloons really made me laugh and also the lavatory made from balloons:D.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.  Which are your favorites and why?

The video is by Thundralight, Thanks! and I look forward to watching some more of these:)


Plus……… over on Book stains….

6 thoughts on “Strange Media

  1. I must confess liking the topiary and living hedges section of the video! I especially liked seeing the elephant family on the grounds of that estate. There are so many nice sculptures and illusions to admire. Interesting how many of the pencil works came off as looking very aggressive. Thanks Lynda!

  2. The spikey agressive pencils lol, I really liked the pink rubber tipped pencils made into a stool though:) topiary is probably a lot harder to achieve than it looks, I bet! Why don’t you have a go at this by the river? or do the trees or bushes have to be more uniform or a certain type?

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