The forever changing face of women in art (and film)

As promised, I have found a video featuring famous paintings of women in art.   As an added bonus, this video also includes many old film stars, as well as contemporary women stars of stage and screen.  There were several videos to choose from, but I have chosen this one because of the astounding amount of women thought beautiful, intriguing and interesting enough to be painted by famous artists.  This film has been well thought out and the faces morph into each other almost seamlessly.  I’m not keen about the music but the video is great:)

Video from digitalblue2u thanks!

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15 thoughts on “The forever changing face of women in art (and film)

  1. Oh Hi Leslis and Echostains. Enjoyed how the faces morphed–and the timeline off images. Also noticed the facial structures and how ‘white’ most were. Still a cool video. Also found the experessions very revealing–sad and pensive changing to more sexually alluring and inviting. Very interesting on those levesl as well. Thanks.

    1. Hi Eva,
      Had to jump in here as I think your comment is spot on about the allure and the lightness of skin to these women. These were painted by men…..go figure, and for probably the purpose of beauty as interpreted by a man. I enjoyed them, but, how different would they appear had they been women artist’s self portraits? I think a lot different. Great comment!!!

      1. I can’t seem to comment under my comments for some reason. I’ve repeated a reply to 47whitebuffalo twice now. Where will this one go to?
        You raise a good point Leslie – I do think that there would be a major difference if women had painted these portraits….. they would have probably been less idealised

      2. Hi Leslie. Oh yes, how different such portraits be if painted by women. My reactions were as numerous as the faces that flashed past. For example, when it came to the image of Maryyilan Monroe–sooo stylied and ‘sexy’–but not the best image I’ve seen of her. That’s without the IMAGE. So this is a very very interesting view of ‘women’. Now this will probably sound odd–but for some reason I was Waiting for Nefertti (sp) –have no idea why. JUngian function?

    2. Yes, VERY revealing 47whitebuffalo, some lovely faces and some quite similiar faces (some of the film stars and the paintings). Glad you enjoyed that – there’s more:)

    3. I don’t know what happened there to my comment, its gone below:) So you are not seeing double (I AM:))
      Yes, VERY revealing 47whitebuffalo, some lovely faces and some quite similiar faces (some of the film stars and the paintings). Glad you enjoyed that – there’s more:)

  2. I see a high degree of idealization in men’s portraits too and so I don’t know if that will work as a distinction between what men vs women portraitists would do differently. Seems people are prone to making generalizations which in art…doesn’t work very well because there are always exemptions to every rule.

    1. And long live the exception:) women are quite critical of each other, we tend to see past the coquetish ‘charms’ that men endow some of their models. We don’t mind being enigmatic or creatures of mystery though…….:D

  3. Excellent video.
    For me it says something about the way we men view women, and how that has changed over the centuries.
    Something about our cultural attitudes.
    Maybe the reason you can nest a forth comment is because wordpress only allows three comments by default.
    But you can edit that in your admin under discussion settings

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