But I could have told you Vincent – It’s your Birthday!

Today is the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh.  It’s a pity the man never lived to enjoy his fame.   Much has already been written about him already.  Van Gogh was an enigma, born miles before his time.  I think this is where the idea of the starving artist came from: the tortured soul suffering for hisContinue reading “But I could have told you Vincent – It’s your Birthday!”

100th post on my birthday

  Well it’s my birthday today, well actually it was yesterday 8th March, but I was  working so I had to celebrate it today (well, tonight actually) so I’m not going to rant on, just post a birthday pic of me to mark the time passing.  It’s also my 100th post.  Sometimes Iask myself whyContinue reading “100th post on my birthday”