I’m a Square: It’s Official

face_shapes which one chooses me
face_shapes which one chooses me

It’s strange the way your face and body changes when you age isn’t it.  I used to do those quizes in magazines like ‘Jackie’ when I was a teenager and discovered I had an oval face.  Apparently, this was the face shape to be desired (well, in those days).  Now my face has turned decidedly square.  I am officially  a ‘square’ how very ‘Beatnik’ of me eh?  If I was a young man, I would be a very ‘angry’ about that.  I wrote an essay about  some of these angry young men.  I’m talking about creative angry young men of course.  James Joyce, Dylan Thomas, Allan Sillitoe, John Osbourne, Philip Larkin etc,, they were angry young men of course.  My essay though was about American authors though, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs.  Those were the days eh, when you stood about in Cafes spouting poetry and peoples lives were so simplistic, that they actually listened.  How brain washed were people those days? were these men’s ideas actually so different from the norm?  I guess they must have been.   How normal was the ‘norm? and is this why people were called Norman?


People were probably about the same as they ever were,  only now we think we are so savvy……….They just use different methods (though the vast media) to brainwash us, but we are on to them of course…)


allen_ginsberg_1978 he's dead angry
allen_ginsberg_1978 he's dead angry

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