Scratching the Surface and other Crevices

Ceramic journal cover


Ceramic journal cover

I managed to get a new scanner today, so we’ll see how these images come out……  Given that its one that also prints and photocopies, I’m not expecting great things.

Ceramics Journal back view


Ceramics Journal back view

Mmmm, thought so, as I expected, not a good result.  This image is very large though, I may have to shrink it or try to remove the Moire…


I love surfaces!  I love to decorate them!  I can work for hour upon hour building surface upon surface.  I hadn’t been in Uni long before I started t decorate my journals.  The first one just had a big sticking plaster in the shape of a cross over it!  This is one of my Ceramics journals.  I used a variety of inks and acrylics: I also liked to mixed a little Polyfiller powder too….

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