Altered art book Page 19 Behind the Curtain

Continuing my Altered art book: page 19: the words I have chosen are; He had a moment of clairvoyance He turned cold inside and something tightened in his head…… I had a bit of a job with this.  Why had I chosen those words so long ago?   ‘A moment of clairvoyance’ what does itContinue reading “Altered art book Page 19 Behind the Curtain”

Altered art book page 13 A deadly reminder’

    page-13-altered book   The chosen words are: – ‘He listened to his father breathing’ ‘And made plans for that lonliness’     The Egytians made plans for their  death.  They left nothing to chance.    Sometimes a whole lifetime was dedicated to their own rememberence:   Egypt is full of these reminders.     page13-skeletonContinue reading “Altered art book page 13 A deadly reminder’”