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Art I LOVE: Damien Hirst’s ‘A Thousand Years’….His Art has Wings

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A thousand years Damien Hirst

A thousand years Damien Hirst

Although grisly, I found Damien Hirst’s (b. 1965 England)  installation  ‘A Thousand Years absolutely fascinating.  Within a huge  glass case, a whole life cycle is going on.  From gestation to birth, life to death, (zapped by an insect-o-cutor, what a way to go eh).  All is lived out before the eyes of the viewer.  A small drama, of infinite importance to the life forms (maggots) that star in it.  It made me think about our own life cycle, the importance we place on stuff that in the end, doesn’t really matter.  How our time is taken up with the mundane, whilst those, not so lucky, fight  for their very survival.

Much has been written about Hirst, and not all of it flattering.  But I like his art, I like the way he pushes back the boundaries, removing some of the ‘preciousness’ out of art, whilst ironically raking it in lol!

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Page 12 Altered art book continued Death wish: Don’t Fear the Reaper..

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page 12 continued

‘He hid his own fears and wishes and only took them out in private under the eye of the moon..’

Fear of madness, fear of death, even fear of living in some cases, we all live with  fears and artists are no exception.  Some even exploit their fears: (quite lucratively in Damien’s Hirst’s case). His 1990 installation ‘In a Thousand Years’,  the life cycle of the common house fly; from the maggots hatching, eating, breeding  to being zapped and dispatched by an insect-o-cutor.

Hirst in a thousand years
Hirst in a thousand years

Reducing the dangerous and magnificent shark to a pickled carcass, preserved in formaldehyde, I think speaks volumes about our fears, the fragility of ourselves and the unimportance of  trivia in the greater picture of life.  The whole idea of being ‘hatched and dispatched’ is like coming in at the end of the film.  It is the ‘jam’, the ‘meat’ the ‘it’ in the middle: it is the LIFE that we are concerned with: what happens NOW. The title of the shark was ‘The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living’ (1992) says it all.

Hirst The physical impossibility...
Hirst The physical impossibility…

   Hirst still fears death like most of us.  His 2007 piece  entitled ‘For the Love of God’, consisted of a cast of an 18th century skull encrusted with jewels which sold for £50m ($100m).  Death must be laughing all the way to the bank!


hirst skull Diamonds are forever? hirst skull Diamonds are forever?