Altered art book: page 21 Dark Days in the Coffin



Continuing with my altered art book, I have now reached page 21.  I am still doing pages whose words were chosen a long time ago and for a particular reason.Though those original reasons are now lost, I am just going by what suggests itself to me, and I shall see what happens.  I chose quite a lot of words for this page;-

“She’d be laid out in her coffin, pink satin it’d be with blue trimmings to go with her make-up”

Silver trains shake through the stone

My Mum chucked them out.  The whole lot.  She said they were dirty.

I don’t know…….some people

eye leaking

like it always did

two catrinas
two catrinas

Sounds a bit grisly eh?  What can it all mean? laid out in her coffin with her make-up on.  In Mexico they celebrate the dead, they have the Day of the Dead, (1st – 2nd November)  where the dead are celebrated.  Read about it here.


I also came across these strange dolls in coffins!  They’re called ‘Living Dead dolls’ and seem very strange, to say the least.  They do have a kind of grisly charm I suppose….. if you are that way inclined.  I don’t know what the ideology is behind them though.  When you are little you imbue your dolls with life, they become little companions, you talk to them (and they talk back …..well mine did!)  What do you do with a dead doll though? bring it to life? like you would anyway if it wasn’t dressed in a shroud? if it wasn’t in a coffin? Confused.

I am going to have to do some work on this page.

To be continued…

Here we go yet again with the freaky formating!  I give up!

View the pages so far here


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