Take these chains from these shoes and set me free

  Did you know that there are actually shoe competitions?  I didn’t.   The Shoemania Design winner of 2009 was Tove Jansson and Per Emanuelsson for their Chain shoe design.  They make a man’s version of this shoe with the chains wrapped around loafers. The Swedish design students came up with the opposing concepts of floating and ofContinue reading “Take these chains from these shoes and set me free”

and Men are from where was that again?

  I’m in the mood for a bit of poetry again and nothing else will suffice but another helping of John Cooper Clarke, the Salford Bard.  Everyone’s heard of the book Men are from Mars Women are from Venus, but Cooper Clarke would have us believe that he  married a monster from out of space – with hilarious results:) Continue reading “and Men are from where was that again?”

Weird and Wacky design – Paper apartments? now with pictures

People are always wallpapering their apartments, there’s nothing unusual about that.  Artist Don Lucho however has gone one step further, he has actually made a whole apartment out of paper and cardboard!   He has even made a paper car to park outside his paper building.     The paper and cardboard are all recycled ofContinue reading “Weird and Wacky design – Paper apartments? now with pictures”

Happy Birthday Gustave Klimt!

Today is the birthday of the Austrian Symbolist artist Gustave Klimt (b. 1862 – 1918).  Klimt was one of the main members of the Secession movement.     He studied in the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts until 1883 and then studied architectural painting and began his career painting Friezes and ceilings in  public buildingsContinue reading “Happy Birthday Gustave Klimt!”

Dust to art

Texan artist Scott Wade saves on water by not cleaning his car and turning the result into art.  He makes images in the dust by using brushes, and rubber paint shapers rather like charcoal.  Instead of adding paint he scrapes back the dust to reveal his art.  He travels with his drawings, his car is his  a mobile gallery.  He doesContinue reading “Dust to art”

Velazquez recovered?

Amongst the dusty works put into museum storage, an early work by Diego Velaquez may have emerged.  In the basement of Yale University a painting thought to be an early work  – an altar piece according to  John Marciari  who is the curator of Modern Art at the San Diego of Art.  The piece was found in storage inContinue reading “Velazquez recovered?”