Where do I go to? to the Arts web Roadshow that’s where it’s at!


This blog first caught my attention when the author left a comment about my hoarding habit!  I visited his site – and I was soon hooked!  Kserverny aka Cheffie, Clickety, Cornered, Sir Richard, or Richard North is a man driven.  Well driven and torn – yes both at the same time!  Not only is he a talented chef he is also an artist in his own right.  It’s not enough For Richard to create delicious dishes and present them in an eye pleasing tempting way – his art must have other outlets.  He has found them by writing poetry, songs and even screenplays.  He paints, he sings, he even makes paper sculpture from time to time.  He takes cool photographs and he makes the most wonderfully entertaining  videos!  I say ‘him’, but really I mean ‘them’ – the Aspects.  As you shall see, the Aspects are quite capable of speaking for themselves;-

 Hi Cheffie!  I’m quite a big fan of yours, how long have you been in that kitchen?  what do you most like about it and what do you most dislike about it?


  I’ve been cooking  just shy of 8 years but i have been in this kitchen for almost 2..
What i dislike is that the catering industry is notorious for taking their employees for granted and the only rewards are personal satisfaction so if you ain’t getting that, you shouldn’t be there. lol. On saying that i do like the community spirit that comes with the job, the ‘we’re all in this together’ attitude, and of course the flirting with the pretty waitresses
(i shouldn’t have said that.. i should not have said that).

Do you think of cooking as an art form? if so why? if not why not?


 I never used to think so, but some people here on blog land persuaded me that it was. There is actually a very strong argument to reinforce that point.

Sir Richard, it is indeed an honour to meet you at last!  (thinks: do I curtsy or not? decides against it with my knees…)    
How did the  Aspects come about? and is it up to you to keep them all under control?  Surely that’s a full-time job? 

Well, the aspects are based on the idea of a multiple personality, fragments of one conflicted mind. and by nature the aspects fight for the top spot which i believe makes for good comedy.
These such aspects are my take on that. (i will point out though that our hive mind is not actually crazy. lol)
Control? The Arts Web Show does not affiliate with control!
 What are your ultimate plans for the roadshow? for example where would you like it to go say in a couple of years time?

The Web Show is the first step in a more widespread plan. The Show must get a high level of popularity for anything to be possible.
But next year we plan to go out into the world and get to know the local art and media culture.
Eventually the show will advance into weekly 45 minute podcast that funds itself through sponsors. (targeted advertising)
I will then use the show to promote the local art scene and get some people into the public eye.
That’s the plan for the next three years
Hello Kseverny,  you are a talented wordsmith.  Which came first the poetry or the music?


   Personally, i put the two together, but each has always had different motivations.
  Poetry is how i deal with stress or emotional turmoil (did i really say that?)
 But when i pick up my guitar and sing songs, i imagine I’m a rock star with thousands of  rock chick fans screaming ‘i’m single’.
 Which musician  has influenced you the most and why?



Oh this one is easy.
It’s not a musician, but the greatest rock band ever to walk heaven and earth.
The one and only Led zeppelin.

Hi Clickety, Your photographs are renowned for their unusual perspectives – what inspires you to do this?


The desire to be different.
       Who want’s to capture a shot the same way thousands of other’s have?

 Quite…    I can see that you certainlyenjoy your individuality:)  You have some very good food shots.  Food is notoriously difficult to photograph – any tips?


  Thanks, unfortunately i don’t have any answers.
    I’m still figuring it all out myself, i get the effects i get with my food shots through photo manipulation,

Hi Cornered!   You are a natural draughtsman, as your work shows.  Do you get much time to draw these days with your busy schedule?


I don’t any more. most of the work you see on my blog is what i did about 4 – 5 years ago.
      The problem is fine art is so time-consuming. Which is a shame really.
 In the arts web show video – will drawing be included? and will it be live?


 You’ll have to wait and see. lol
 I won’t have to wait long the arts web show is my next stop!   One more question though; Who is your favorite artist and why?


 This one is actually very difficult to answer because i don’t have a clear favourite as such.
  I’ve always been able to appreciate the work that came out of the surrealist movement, but i rarely tackle that area myself.
  A lot of people over the years have compared my work to have a similar feel to Van Gogh’s artwork. so perhaps it’s him who i like most.
  unconsciously of course.

Thank you Aspects!  It was a pleasure to meet you all!  I’m running along to the

Arts Web Show now – please join me!

I shall be interviewing all my blogrollers (if they agree to it) in time.  Here’s another I did earlier

20 thoughts on “Where do I go to? to the Arts web Roadshow that’s where it’s at!

  1. Thanks for the interview Lynda…I was wondering what’s up with “K” and his Arts Web Show! Talking with the Aspects helps.

    1. Hheh:) I never really know which one I’m talking to:) but I have to admit they do all have very different personalities – I enjoyed interviewing them all!

    1. Don’t worry about it – I’m always making typos especially with my spex off:) collerations sounds a fun page to have though lol 😀

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