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Crossing the Oxo cube

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oxo cube an old friend

It’s been niggling  me for ages – in fact, every time I open up an oxo cube (which is often) – I wonder why they have changed the shape of them?  They are still cube shaped of course but the cube now forms a cross as in O X O.

sealed with an ...oxo


Apparently the notches help the crumble…….  This new design came out in September last year, and they seem to be sticking to it.  Quite a while ago I noticed that they’d changed the consistancy of the Oxo cube – to a more drier powdery substance.  Believe me, there’s nothing more sad than a soggy Oxo cube (except probably me wittering on about them).  But seriously, despite the foil wrappers on the old ones, moisture still managed to get into the wrappers and made them soggy.  That’s what comes of putting them in a cardboard box.  Yes, I know the old tin was impractical in this throwaway society – but I happen to love the old tins and have several of my own.

oxo tin example, I have several of these


Then there was the Oxo family,  people all sitting down to the same table and eating a meal together like a proper family – aw those were the days.  Er, here’s a new family (made me laugh anyway)

Well, that’s a bit different isn’t it….. 

 I still remember this one, like it was yesterday (1989 actually) and I’d better not mention the original ‘Katie’ and her husband Philip – they were quite a long time ago.

You can watch the original advert with Mary Holland as Katie  HERE along with other very old adverts.

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