Weird and Wacky: cool cruets


strange ant cruet set

I used to collect cruets.  I had some shaped like fruit, peppers even bags of flour.  Cruets have got a lot more innovative and adventurous since I started collecting.  These ant ones can be used on a picnic.  Somehow, I don’t think the real ants would come anywhere near if these saw these giants  ant watchdogs 🙂

This unusual ring from Chao & Eero Jewel is known as a Spiced lady ring.  Not only is it a piece of jewelry, it can hold spices or salt, pepper to be added to food as you cook.  There’s a touch of the Lucrezia Borgia about this I think.  What fun though 🙂

ever ready cruet set

These ‘batteries’ are also a  cruet set.  They are known as Salt and Pepper Cell and are exactly like a D size  battery  in dimension.  They are made of stainless steel and glass with power indicators on the side  tell you about how much spice you have left before its time to refill.  Available in Red and Turquoise and Black and White.  Different!

The ant cruet from here (and others)

The spiced lady ring link is here

Battery cruet link here

3 thoughts on “Weird and Wacky: cool cruets

  1. I want the ant ones! I’d love to set them in front of my Granddaughter some morning to salt and pepper her scrambled eggs and see the look on her face! HA!

    Blog loaded great, Lynda. Phew! It was a struggle getting a comment thru for a couple days, there.

  2. Thanks Leslie – I took about 30 images off! That must be the secret, don’t load too many.
    Not sure how big these ants actually are but they would look massive to other ants – and your granddaughter 🙂 have a camera ready 🙂

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