Weird and Wacky Umbrellas

The Nubrella - don't leave home without it

A while ago I did a post on umbrellas and parasols which appeared as props in famous paintings (here).  According to Wiki, umbrella comes from the Latin word umbra, meaning a shade or shadow, which in its own turn originally derived from Greek.  Umbrellas and parasols are to be found all over the world and throughout history including ancient Egypt.

We’ve all seen the colourful designs and handles that umbrella manufacturers have come up with, but these creative and somewhat wacky contraptions recently caught my eye.  A very unusual type of umbrella – the Nubrella, turns the traditional design on its head leaving the hands free.  It can’t blow inside out and it won’t poke others in the eye!

Snoozer pet umbrella

Please spare a thought for your poor drenched pooch.  This pet umbrella clips on to the collar and has a lead attached – thereby assuring that your animal doesn’t end up looking like a drowned rat.   It would be interesting to hear the opinion of these pets……

when a lovely flame dies - smoke gets in your eyes


Lastly an umbrella for smokers, complete with ashtray!  I’m just speechless:O

Pet umbrella from here

Nubrella info from here

Smokers umbrella and other most unusual ones here

8 thoughts on “Weird and Wacky Umbrellas

  1. I will confess to liking umbrellas and around our house we have maybe half a dozen or so in various states of repair. Hmm…I wonder if the umbrella manufacturers have noticed anything different about the climate based on how their products are faring over the last few years? Because around here, the storms and wind seem fiercer and harder on umbrellas. On a lighter note, the dog umbrella is amusing. I have seen a few “hat umbrellas” recently too.

    1. There does seem to be a weakness with the spokes of the umbrella, especially the fold away ones (which I’m always losing anyway). I’ve never seen any of these umbrellas – ever. I think I would find it hard not smile if I saw any of these though 😀

  2. Now that pet umbrella seems intriguing. I wonder if it causes problems with the legs of passing humans. The Smokers ashtray–well–GO Figure! Does it have a lighter too?

    1. heheheh – the one with lighter will be the De luxe version:) You have a point about the dog one though, I think the owner might well have a tricky time steering the animal away from humans (who probably want to pat the little fellow because he looks so cute:))

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