Altered art book Page 19 Behind the Curtain

Continuing my Altered art book: page 19: the words I have chosen are;

He had a moment of clairvoyance

He turned cold inside and something tightened in his head……

I had a bit of a job with this.  Why had I chosen those words so long ago?

page-19with curtain up
page-19with curtain up


‘A moment of clairvoyance’ what does it mean? a sudden enlightenment? a revealation? the moment you just ‘knew’?  I think everyone gets glimpses every now and again.  I think ‘clues’ are all around us about what is going to happen, or what direction we are heading.  It’s a matter of interpreting them, being aware and sensitive to slight changes.  This made me think about lifting a curtain up, or a veil and taking a peek what lies beyond it.



I printed out a small picture of Aleceister Crowley (why him?  I honestly don’t know), but its likely because he tried to get beyond the veil…into a few dark corners lol!  I then placed a ‘curtain’ over him.  I suppose I was thinking of the Magician (so above, so below) and subverting this to ‘so underneath, so over (the top lol) or so is hidden, so is revealed.  The artist relating to this page will be myself………….

Media used; handmade paper, oil pastel and water colour, photocopy, organza ribbon

To be continued

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