Altered art book page 19 continued Beyond the Veil again

This is my 90th post!  Do I want a medal for it? YES!

Continuing with page 19 of my Altered art book:

I thought that this extract from my dissertation would go quite well with page 19 of my Altered art book:

-magician tarot card from the Rider Waite Smith pack
-magician tarot card from the Rider Waite Smith pack

“The idea of the artist as magician is not a new one.  The act of creating out of nothing could be in itself, an act of conjuration.  In a sense, all art is an illusion.  The actual act reality of the feeling that the artist experiences when he paints – by the very act will go into the painting: making the painting a physical reality.  Hopefully, there will be a reciprocal exchange between viewer and painter.  Sometimes this will be a deliberation on the painters behalf: sometimes, accidental communication may be established.  Many ‘tricks’ may be employed by the artist/magician that he will have learned through his apprenticeship in the arts.  Where it is possible to depict sadness or pathos in a figurative narrative painting through the learning of the craft, what actually are we admiring when we look at these images?  surely this art is more about the ‘cleverness’ of the artist as a magician and, if that be so, then the subject matter then becomes secondary.  Through abstraction, it is possible to provoke emotional responses through colour and form in a non figurative way – reaching the viewer directly through the senses…..” 




“My large canvas ‘Veil’ incorporates drawing and painting.  Gestural marks made with soft pastel were stroked onto the canvas.  These sweeping marks were then smudged with a damp brush and when dry, worked into again.  This provided a framework, albeit a blurred definition of the drawing.  Subconsciously, a uniform rhythmical pattern began to emerge which I then began to work against with white acrylic paint in places.  The whiteness of these spaces began to detract from the work, so these were washed down again with watered down soft pastels.






“A period of contemplation then ensued, enabling me to digest the information and empathise with the painting.  Working with ground pastel added to the powdered filler, a wash was made: the work taken outdoors and then the wash dispersed.  A battle between control and accident then ensued.  By physical manipulation, the wash was dispersed and alllowed to a certain exptent to meander where it would.  But additional coloured washes had to be more controlled, so as not to disturb too much the other washes (which were still more or less liquid).  Fine washes of acrylic were used to further emphasise part of the painting: blending the colours, transcending isolated areas.  A period of assimulation followed: a digestion of the information that has been put down and a sense of empathy for the feelings this painting invokes.  Selective areas were then brought to the foreground, the intention being  – to ‘float’ or transcend the background  with soft colour that glides in and out over the surface, whilst subtley emphasising or bringing to notice, a sense of depth.”

Lynda M Roberts BA Hons 2004

This is an extract from my  ‘Echostains’ Dissertation 2004



3 thoughts on “Altered art book page 19 continued Beyond the Veil again

  1. Echo, I find all the intention and digestion and returning to the work very intriguing. This is totally unlike how I ‘create’ my art.
    I work in a semi-meditative state that operates mainly intutitiively. I begin and work until the ‘end’ with no set parameters or goals. It’s an exercise in Letting Go of everything and just letting the energy, the paper, the pens/paints flow.
    It’s fascinating to learn how other artists work.
    Thanks so much for posting this link to your writing.

    Oh and I am soooo very tired of this ‘in between’ state with the Hanged Man. Yet–not too thrilled if what follows is a ‘negative’ scenario. Some ‘Sun’ would be most appreciated.
    For now,
    shanti om

  2. Thanks 47 Whitebuffalo for taking the time to read that extract. I know now that my oervre lies between control and the total lack of it (the letting ago as you mention). Theres one large canvas (I’m making a seperate blog for my art) where I manipulate running paint and created a kind of threadwork, in a sense it is a process painting.
    Inbetween states can be enlightening though, think of Spring and the bulbs pushing their way through the dark earth – kind of gestation period. Birth is always painful – but rewarding! Think of Annie the sun will come out tomorrow’! Thanks for your welcome and valid comments – appreciated!

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