Echostains – what exactly is it’

 People are always asking me how I came up with such unusual name like ‘Echostains’ for a blog. Echostains began was a project I did at University. That project has now seen many changes, but it is still alive and kicking. I am still exploring communication through art, though now the communication is through theContinue reading “Echostains – what exactly is it’”

Blue Animation from ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ Echostains

  ‘Blue Animation is part of the ‘Echostains’ project.  The project is about communication – all types.  In the third part of the project (The Yellow Wallpaper), gestural marks are made to ‘suggest’ shapes, thoughts, feelings, etc.  ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ is a short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and tells the tale of a womanContinue reading “Blue Animation from ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ Echostains”