Weird and Wacky : Fright Lights!

  Weird lamps for old!   Lighting has always been a valuable consideration when creating ambiance to a room.  But  if you  want to  add  thrills, drama, laughter or just simply offer an unusual focal  point that will get your guests talking (and maybe reeling with shock a bit) – then look no further than these very original andContinue reading “Weird and Wacky : Fright Lights!”

Valley of the Broken Dolls

Inspired by artistatthexit0′ s latest post about the dolls he has found in the river, made me think about artist’s who use the doll in their work.  Of course Hans Bellmer and Cindy Sherman were the first artists I thought of.  Surrealist photographer Hans Bellmer (b.Germany 1902 – 1950)  used broken doll parts in aContinue reading “Valley of the Broken Dolls”

‘Are you sure that’s why the chicken crossed the road?’

I never have a camera when I need it.  Today I didn’t even have my phone on me either.  I was out shopping on the precinct when I saw a gang of lads laughing and pointing.  Walking rather hurredly (it was probably a bit frightened) was a chicken!  Yes, a chicken, well I assumed it was aContinue reading “‘Are you sure that’s why the chicken crossed the road?’”

Weird and Whacky Design: Dark Dolls for Strange Days (and Nights)

These strange dolls from artist Beth Robinson are each indiviually made.  These are art pieces,not meant for playing with.  These little characters first sprang onto canvas from the artist’s imagination – from there they evolved into their 3D form and really began to live! The artist works from commisions and she has lots of oneContinue reading “Weird and Whacky Design: Dark Dolls for Strange Days (and Nights)”