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Weird and Wacky : Fright Lights!

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Weird lamps for old!   Lighting has always been a valuable consideration when creating ambiance to a room.  But  if you  want to  add  thrills, drama, laughter or just simply offer an unusual focal  point that will get your guests talking (and maybe reeling with shock a bit) – then look no further than these very original and enigmatic lamps!from-simple-to-weird-interior-lamps6


This naughty ‘pooping’ doggie  is actually called ‘Good Boy’.  He may not be to everyone’s taste, however he’s no shrinking violet in the design stakes. Crafted by  UK artist Whatshisname (really) the doggies little brother Good Puppy is also an attention seeker.  The lamps are floor lamps and  to activate them, one must tread on the accompanying dog turd switch.  They are available from the artist ‘Whatshisname’.


Pondering the age-old question about what to do with those dolls heads you keep falling over? I know I am.  Check out this video which shows you how to make your own exciting lamps out of them.

Alternatively you can buy a ready-made weird wired baby lamp from Wired-Weird-Baby-Doll-Lamps-3many sources featured here.

Here's one I saved from an early art project Here’s one I saved from an early art project









‘Out Demons Out’ How to out your demons?  Bring them into the light with this cheeky  Demon lamp via here  He’s made from the skull of a land turtle which was found in the hills of Polk County.  His wings are made from copper and brass tubings and when he’s lit (2 x 15w bulbs) he will creep you out!  Maybe not one for the bedroom?

The Demon Lamp The Demon Lamp

Thought dummies belonged in a shop window?  Here’s some that have escaped. These mannequin lamps from AL-Hamad Design remind me of the veiled mourning statues the Victorians loved so much.



Embarakiya Embarakiya

However, when anyone  puts these babies in the corner they won’t be ignored for long.  The male ones talk via a built-in speaker in the torso!  All the lamps have a touch sensor in the hand which include three dimmer setting.  Shaking hands with them will turn them on – and off!  The costumes are dressed in  traditional  Kuwaiti costume.  I think they’re great!

Pooping dog images from here and here.  Video ‘How to make a Dolls Head Nightlight  mausoleum Statue image from here.  Thanks to all.


Valley of the Broken Dolls

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GEM (truly outrageous) still beloved by my daughter

Inspired by artistatthexit0′ s latest post about the dolls he has found in the river, made me think about artist’s who use the doll in their work.  Of course Hans Bellmer and Cindy Sherman were the first artists I thought of.  Surrealist photographer Hans Bellmer (b.Germany 1902 – 1950)  used broken doll parts in a fetish like fashion to invoke disturbing ideas.

Bellmer doll

He  first sent these to the  Nazi party as a protest against their obsession with the perfect body.   He posed the dolls in mutilated, unaturalistic ways.  There’s a great article about this artist here.  The film below Le Jeux de la Poupee featuring Bellmer’s work is not for the faint hearted.  This film was made in 1940s, but I don’t know who the music is by.

Cindy Sherman (b.1954 New York USA) uses self photography to address issues about the roles of women in the world, and as artists.  This short film sees Sherman as a cutout doll with cut out clothes.  I think it ‘s such a clever film, making Sherman completely 2D – surreal as she gets to choose the outfits she will wear instead of them being chosen for her!

Here’s an artist who works with dolls and altered book.  Karen Hatzigeorgiou puts her dolls into her books literally!  All her dolls are found objects and she sells the finished work.

assemblage found arm

Bellmer doll from here Cindy Sherman video from “artpopulus and Bellmer video from artpopulus

assemblage with found object

‘Are you sure that’s why the chicken crossed the road?’

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this is the type I saw - a Rhode island red perhaps?

I never have a camera when I need it.  Today I didn’t even have my phone on me either.  I was out shopping on the precinct when I saw a gang of lads laughing and pointing.  Walking rather hurredly (it was probably a bit frightened) was a chicken!  Yes, a chicken, well I assumed it was a chicken and not a cockerel.  I just checked – definely a chicken.  It was brown with a red head, very much like the one in this picture.  It was walking past ‘Texas Chicken’ a new eatery which has opened!  Wonderful photo opportunity lost…..  Inside, the customers were tucking in – whilst outside the chicken was making its getaway!  But where did it come from?  Maybe it was someones escaped pet.  Or maybe,  just maybe it had escaped from the ‘Texas Chicken’ kitchens……………….

Texas chicken now in the UK

The other rather odd sight I saw today was a whole group of girls with dolls.   Schoolgirls with pretend baby dolls.  They were standing round being lectured by a teacher as some of the dolls howled (obviously being held incorrectly).  It was strange to see these teenagers who must have been between 12 – 15 years of age with these dolls.  Perhaps it was part of the ciriculem: a lesson. I wonder if the experience altered their opinion about becoming mothers?  They certainly didn’t look enthusiastic about it.   The mind boggles, I wish I had a picture of it boggling to show you…

a Baby think it over doll

More fowls HERE

Weird and Whacky Design: Dark Dolls for Strange Days (and Nights)

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Gothic Lolita.  this doll reminds me of Lemony Snicket!

Gothic Lolita. this doll reminds me of Lemony Snicket!

These strange dolls from artist Beth Robinson are each indiviually made.  These are art pieces,not meant for playing with.  These little characters first sprang onto canvas from the artist’s imagination – from there they evolved into their 3D form and really began to live!

strange little dollies

strange little dollies

The artist works from commisions and she has lots of one of a kind in her gallery.   Each doll is  an little individual character and is made from poymer clay.  Vintage fabrics  have been used for the clothing and in some cases. real hair has been used (as in Cat  girl’s whiskers!)

cat girl with lynx eyes

cat girl with lynx eyes

More of these original dolls HERE