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Transcription Pages 37 Girl and Cat (can be applied to both paintings)

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Continuing with my transcription of Paula Rego’s ‘Snow White and her Stepmother’.  Page 37 shows  that the image is mostly made from oblongs and triangles.


balthus_girl and cat

balthus_girl and cat

Page 37 references the t Bathus (b.Paris 1912) ‘Girl and Cat’ painting.  This shows an adolescent girl sitting with her cat, with her feet up, in a gloomy room.  It is a bit of a disturbing image as we are not sure if we are looking at an innocent girl or a sophisticated young woman.  This is the sort of ambiguity that Rego likes to exploit.



In Rego’s picture, the lightest piece of the painting is Snow Whites knickers.  The socks are also white, but they are grubby.  The light source in this painting is also directed at Snow Whites thighs (as in the Bathus image).

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