Happy Birthday to you dear J M W TURNER, Squashed tomatos and stew


turner_j__m__w__-_the_fighting_temeraire t_tugged_to_her_last_berth_to_be_broken
turner_j__m__w__-_the_fighting_temeraire t_tugged_to_her_last_berth_to_be_broken

Happy birthday to Joseph Mallord WilliamTurner 1775 –  1851


What can you say about Turner that hasn’t been said?  Squashed tomatoes and stew refers to John Ruskin‘s ‘Two Boyhoods’ where he writes about Giorgione  1477 – 1510 and Turner.1775 1851.  Ruskin’s writing is so clever, informative and passionate – never dry: the man cares about what he writes about.


He compares Giorgione’s childhood surroundings: the classical Italy, Venice, the beautiful places would be enouth to inspire anybody. But what about the Covent Garden of Turner’s youth? the rotting fruit, the rain, the melting colours being washed away…… all these acted as inspiration to Turner.  He shows how two very differnt artists can both come to beautiful conclusions,regardless their environments.

Here is a list of links to post I have made so far concerning artist’s birthday.  I have tried to make it a rule that I actually LIKE the artists’ work!   Some artists I do like, I have not included so far, as their birthdays have clashed with something else I was writing about. Some birthdays I have only found out about when it was too late to include them , I mean to rectify this at a later date.




Leonardo da Vinci

Hart Benton

Van Gogh









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