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Window Shopping

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On Stonegate

Shops spring up all the time in York – they come and they go.  It’s amazing what sort of shops make a go of it and others who you would think would be  popular just go out of business.  One of the most famous streets in York is Stonegate.  I love this street, not only has it got a great pub (Ye Olde Starre Inne), it also home to the haunted house (very strange place which I wrote about last year).

white stuff window

One of the shops which caught my eye is White Stuff.  This is a clothes shop.  The most interesting thing about this shop is that it has its own cinema! plus its own little bar.  Unfortunately I only found this out after looking for information.  I was very much  taken with the window display. 

Budgie detail

Budgies as a theme are I suppose unusual, but I just loved the way this display was done.   Large printed cardboard budgies with mirrors and millet and feathers all over the floor!

'Bend it like Peckham' window detail

They could have used sandpaper for the bottom of the ‘cage’ (window) but they had a much cleverer idea.  They put newspaper down.  It’s not any old newspaper though.  Someone has  gone to a lot of trouble to invent news stories and headlines featuring………. budgies!

bottle shop window

Here’s another shop that’s either sprung up lately – or we hadn’t noticed it.  This bottle shop is a veritable wonderland of beer.  I have never seen so many different beers under one roof before.   Not only is the window packed with them but there are two whole rooms of different bottles!

Little Bettys

Not a very good picture but, Little Betty’s window display on the same street also stood out.  Among the chocolate rabbits and easter eggs is a chocolate badger in milk and dark chocolate.  Makes a change from the usual bunnies.

mad March hares

Seeing that I have already featured March hares, white rabbits and Alice in Wonderland, I just had to get a picture of these prancing acrobatic ceramic hares frolicking in a shop window – delightful!

Bettys Cafe tearoom

White Stuff article


York Break: The Haunted house in Stonegate

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We visited the Haunted house in Stonegate.  We didn’t even know that this was there last time we went.  I have to say that the house is indeed strange: full of atmosphere.  The narrative starts in the first room and follows you though the house to the attics, to the depths of the cellar.



There are certainly some interesting stories told about the house.  Some of this is acted out in the narrative.  I think that this spoils the experience  a little.  The atmosphere itself is creepy enough, it doesn’t really need some of the ‘props’.



The scariest room of all to me is the Seance room .  The biggest round table I have ever seen in my life, sits there, taking nearly all the room up.  In the centre is a crystal ball.  Dotted around are ouija boards!  Needless to say, I did NOT have a go….



Here’s a strange thing.  Before going into the haunted house, that morning I had gone into this fantastic Oxfam bookshop.  I never knew there were such things!  This one was great, full of interesting books at very good prices.  A Paperback caught my eye and I was in two minds to buy it.  I didn’t.  I decided I would get it on the way back to the hotel.  The book  was ‘The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy’ by Lawrence Sterne, a book I had never read before.  In the first room of the haunted house, the narrative told a brief history of the house and said that it used to be (amongst other things) a printers and that ‘Tristram Shandy’ had been published there…..  Of course I rushed back and bought it then!



The haunted house is well worth a visit.  I thought it was pretty scarey.  Others have been and felt nothing.  Apparently, the house was also a Spiritualist meeting place too…….