Transcription: Snow White and her Stepmother by Paula Rego page 40 – 45 ‘The Sinister Shadow Theatre’

  Continuing with my transcription of Paula Rego’s ‘Snow White and her Stepmother’.  This is page 40.  I am concentrating now on the hands of the stepmother:   page 41 Note how the stepmother’s hands are both grasping and exploring in an almost gloating way:- Sillouettes of these hands form a sinister shadow theatre:-  Continue reading “Transcription: Snow White and her Stepmother by Paula Rego page 40 – 45 ‘The Sinister Shadow Theatre’”

Mysterious Places: Roche Rock

  When I came across my Cornish pictures yesterday (Barbara Hepworth museum), I uncovered a cache of interesting places we went on our Cornish holiday 3 years ago.  One of them was Roche rock.  We had recently read about it in our favorite magazine Fortean Times. and desperately wanted to see it! This rock is surreal! Continue reading “Mysterious Places: Roche Rock”

A Cornish Garden of Hidden Delights: The Barbara Hepworth Museum, Cornwall

I came across these photos the other day.  They are from a holiday we had in Cornwall about 3 years ago.  Amongst the many places we visited, was the Barbara Hepworth Museum in St  Ives.  The house has a few Hepworth personal memento’s, but it isn’t as interesting as Hepworths studio or garden . Everywhere youContinue reading “A Cornish Garden of Hidden Delights: The Barbara Hepworth Museum, Cornwall”

Potty about Teapots: Lock in the Flavour!

  I came across this original and unusual teapot by Andy Titcomb the other day.  I was immediately struck by how the design acts as a metaphor to the availability and exclusiveness of this once valuable beverage Tea, introduced in the mid 17th century became the main  British beverage.  Everyone I know, drinks coffee now though!  Why isContinue reading “Potty about Teapots: Lock in the Flavour!”

‘Happy Birthday Dear Dali!’

It’s legendary artist Salvador Dali’s birthday today!  He would have celebrated his 105th birthday (and been in the Guinness Book of Records) is he’d have lived!  He died in Figueres Spain (his birthplace) of heart failure in 1989, aged 84. He is in my opinion the  personification of a painter: talented, original and as madContinue reading “‘Happy Birthday Dear Dali!’”

Potty about Tea and Pots (well, just potty really)

A  quick post before I get ready for work. I used to collect teapots.  I have quite a few.  My favorite maker was Tony Woods, I loved his character teapots.  Not only is his characterisation pleasing, I like the glazes he uses.  I would have all his work if I could. I came across thisContinue reading “Potty about Tea and Pots (well, just potty really)”

My 160th Post: Still Rambling on

Well, I can’t believe that this is my 160th post!  What on earth have I found to write (or ramble on about?)  I now have 11 categories.  Some of these are well left behind – like the London Jaunt and LasVegas.  They’re nice to look back on though.  I am continuing with my Transcription.  ThatContinue reading “My 160th Post: Still Rambling on”

Altered art book, Page 23 continued

Page 23 of my altered art book continued from this One artist springs immediately to mind – artist Mona Hatoum. (b. 1975 Beirut Lebanon).  In her exhibition ‘The Grater Divide’ at the White Cube 2002 the artist used familiar objects on a larger scale, such as a fold out cheese grater that acts as a roomContinue reading “Altered art book, Page 23 continued”