And then the Rain came down…….

We had a few days of lovely weather and then the rains came down.  I hope that that’s not IT, the Summer?  That’s what’s been happening for the past couple of years! I do hope that we’ve not seen the last of the summer…otherwise we shall be FORCED to go away lol!  Chance would beContinue reading “And then the Rain came down…….”

Britains got Sunshine and I Want a piece!

Sod this for a bag of darts!  I’m off out in the sunshine, whilst it still lasts!  This weather doesn’t last very long.  For all I know, I may be actually looking at the Summer!  It’s happened every year…just when you thought Summer had started… 2 or 3 days is all you got: that wasContinue reading “Britains got Sunshine and I Want a piece!”