And then the Rain came down…….

We had a few days of lovely weather and then the rains came down.  I hope that that’s not IT, the Summer?  That’s what’s been happening for the past couple of years!

Ephesus wished I was there again


Ephesus wished I was there again

I do hope that we’ve not seen the last of the summer…otherwise we shall be FORCED to go away lol!  Chance would be a fine thing.  I’m not a sun worshipper as such.  I haven’t got the skin for it.  When I go on holiday I never lie on the beach or go anywhere near a pool.  I prefer to sight see, and find out about the history of the place.  I like a bit of sunshine though, it cheers you and makes you feel good.  Plus it’s good for the bones too.  And believe me I need all the sun I can get for mine!

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