Disappearing Trick

A few minutes ago I typed a post about Jack Butler Yeats with images.  Now I thought it was weird when there was no ‘post tags’ area, – but still, I saved it  thinking that  I could tag it through the ‘quick edit’.  Needless to say, I lost it, BUT I did manage to getContinue reading “Disappearing Trick”

Legless fish and other food oddities

Haworth Old Hall a lovely place to stay I had a few nice meals whilst I was away.  One of them – a Venison Noisette in red wine, bacon, onion, mushroom and juniper (Haworth Old Hall) was absolutely delicious.  Another contender was something called Lamb Jennings – described as being slowly braised until it fallsContinue reading “Legless fish and other food oddities”

‘Snow Joke and not laughing’

It is absolutely horrendous! Hideous – outrageous!  I can’t believe the snow we are having!  I don’t remember snow like this ever.  It’s about a foot deep now.  I, who would love to go to Iceland (the place) have now changed my mind.   They should change that Iceland advert (mum’s gone to Iceland) to ‘Mum’sContinue reading “‘Snow Joke and not laughing’”

Gormley’s ‘One and Other’: Brian Sewell’s ‘Critique’ (or Rant!)

Tuning into Antony Gormley’s ‘One and Other’ live project, the guests this week were the art critic Brian Sewell  and writer, comedienne Sandy Toxvig.  Sewell was scathing about the work, he doesn’t agree with it and says it detracts from the National Gallery.   It is also ‘ A futile waste of time’.  and ‘no one is worthyContinue reading “Gormley’s ‘One and Other’: Brian Sewell’s ‘Critique’ (or Rant!)”

Most Haunted: The Black Bull Haworth: Tales of the Much Expected

The Most Haunted Black Bull public house Haworth Yorkshire got the treatment last night……with predicable results. Apparently this programme was shown in 2005 (see Bronteblog), but I must have missed it.  What did I miss?  Not a lot in the form of ‘evidence’.  The main target as usual was ‘bad boy’ Branwell Bronte, described as aContinue reading “Most Haunted: The Black Bull Haworth: Tales of the Much Expected”

At the End of the Day, will the End of the Day EVER come?

  I was at the computer typing away the other day, half listening to the TV to a popular day time audience participation show, where people air all their dirty washing to the world: have DNA tests done and generally get ‘advised’ and insulted by the audience.  The audience participation, as well as the ‘victim’sContinue reading “At the End of the Day, will the End of the Day EVER come?”

I celebrate being 6 months smokefree with a rant

Theorigin of the phrase ‘get on ones wick’ whaling and a rant about inconsiderate smokers