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The Sound of Silence is Deafening… Time for a Cuppa

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Well it’s been a very quiet couple of days on here.   Where have all the people gone?  Why the mass exodus?  Is it something I said perhaps lol!  I find it very strange.  This has only happened once before, and even then it wasn’t as bad as this.

hunting teapot just like mine

hunting teapot just like mine


Anyway, over and upwards as they say.  Here is one of my teapots (above).  I bought this years ago for a couple of quid.  I’d love the rest of it, but I’ve never come across it!

Noi Volkov  Klimt teapot

Noi Volkov Klimt teapot

Now here ‘s an amazing teapot  that I haven’t got…but would like very much indeed!  This ceramicist is amazing, check out his site and prepare to be,well AMAZED!