It’s all over now. Gone and best forgotten



Well that’s the end of it.  2008 is no more: welcome 2009!  Lots of things happened this year.  I gave up smoking, finally after a zillion years.  And I’ve put some lbs on that I’m NOT happy with at all.  Still, that’s what New Year is for isn’t it? resolutions.  I always start out with good intentions…and sometimes, just sometimes,  those intentions become a reality.  It is imperative though that I look good for Vegas (daughters wedding), so in with the new regime. 

It is true what they say about giving up smoking.  You do eat more, and the metabolism slows down a bit.  I will keep to it though.  What’s the point of going back to the hideous habit?  It’s not going to knock weight off me is it!  Plus, then I would have TWO problems, smoking AND weight!  No, good old willpower is the only way to go with anything you want to give up.  I’ll be remembering those words later today………

And a Happy New Year!

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