Attack of the Killer tomatoes! A conspiracy?

Doing really well with these resolutions so far!  OK, I know it’s only day 2, but nevertheless I am doing great!  After all the rubbish I’ve been eating at Christmas, I couldn’t wait to get back to healthy eating.  I thought I would do a nice healthy shepherds pie and some salad: (I’m odd likeContinue reading “Attack of the Killer tomatoes! A conspiracy?”

You say you want a Resolution? Up the Resolution!

Up the Resolution! I am resolute!       In comes the New Year, and out comes the Resolutions; – Eat less Drink less Write Blog every day Do more walking Bin a load of rubbish from this house Hang on to my money longer be nicer to people In with the New Year andContinue reading “You say you want a Resolution? Up the Resolution!”

It’s all over now. Gone and best forgotten

  Well that’s the end of it.  2008 is no more: welcome 2009!  Lots of things happened this year.  I gave up smoking, finally after a zillion years.  And I’ve put some lbs on that I’m NOT happy with at all.  Still, that’s what New Year is for isn’t it? resolutions.  I always start outContinue reading “It’s all over now. Gone and best forgotten”