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Attack of the Killer tomatoes! A conspiracy?

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Survivor of 2008 and glad

Survivor of 2008 and glad

Doing really well with these resolutions so far!  OK, I know it’s only day 2, but nevertheless I am doing great!  After all the rubbish I’ve been eating at Christmas, I couldn’t wait to get back to healthy eating.  I thought I would do a nice healthy shepherds pie and some salad: (I’m odd like that ….)

Innocent? ...don't be fooled, a killer could be lurking

Innocent? ...don't be fooled, a killer could be lurking

The first mouthful  tasted absolutely FOUL!  At first I couldn’t work out what it was.  It tasted like disinfectant!  Sifting through it,  I found that it was the tomatoes!!!  Now these tomatoes (plum) look fine: they don’t taste fine though.  I still feel ill thinking about it.  And now I’m starving!!!  Oh well, it’s back to the drawing board, literally.  It’s about time I did a bit more on my Altered book, plus I’m still writing about the Francis Bacon exhibtion we saw at Tate Britain in London.



Looking for an image of plum tomatoes, I found this write up about tainted plum tomatoes!  I am now panicking! Attacked by a tomato!  What a way to start the New year eh?

You say you want a Resolution? Up the Resolution!

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Up the Resolution!  I am resolute!
Up the Resolution! I am resolute!




In comes the New Year, and out comes the Resolutions; –

  1. Eat less

  2. Drink less

  3. Write Blog every day

  4. Do more walking

  5. Bin a load of rubbish from this house

  6. Hang on to my money longer

  7. be nicer to people

In with the New Year and out with the excuses: –

  1. Well I’m SORRY!  I DO NOT eat THAT much!  You’ve got to eat to LIVE you know!!  What do you expect me to do? lay down and die because I’ve put a few lbs on over Christmas? Yes CHRISTMAS, the season of festivity!!!!

  2. I’m hardly an alcoholic mate!  Why would I NEED to drink less? eh? eh? eh? and what’s it to you ANYWAY?

  3. Huh?  Well I AM writing this every day, and nobody is reading it!  I mean it’s hardly MY  fault if I am writing rubbish is it? (eh? well whose fault is it then? you sad person talking to yourself lol!)

  4. Well I can’t POSSIBLY walk more than I am doing,  My legs are short enough.  I will wear them away if I carry on and anyway, I need all the inches I can get (to see bands).

  5. Ah, but what exactly COUNTS as rubbish eh? tell me that?  How do I define ‘rubbish’? (if I haven’t already that is..).  One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure isn’t it?  Imagine my anguish if I inadvertently threw away something that turned out to be treasure or something I actually needed?  No, it’ s not worth the risk.

  6. This is an easy one to deal with: WHAT MONEY? no money, no cry

  7. I’m already nice to people, any nicer and people may think I’m a pushover and take all my money (that I havn’t got) and think they can just help themselves to all my food, drink and rubbish (that’s really treasure).  Oh no, thank you VERY much…and I don’t want to sound smug but I think I have the balance just about right.

Well that’s me sorted.  Time to get 2009 on the road!  It’s such a relief to get these resolutions sorted and in place.  Now I know EXACTLY where I’m going, I feel so much better!




It’s all over now. Gone and best forgotten

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Well that’s the end of it.  2008 is no more: welcome 2009!  Lots of things happened this year.  I gave up smoking, finally after a zillion years.  And I’ve put some lbs on that I’m NOT happy with at all.  Still, that’s what New Year is for isn’t it? resolutions.  I always start out with good intentions…and sometimes, just sometimes,  those intentions become a reality.  It is imperative though that I look good for Vegas (daughters wedding), so in with the new regime. 

It is true what they say about giving up smoking.  You do eat more, and the metabolism slows down a bit.  I will keep to it though.  What’s the point of going back to the hideous habit?  It’s not going to knock weight off me is it!  Plus, then I would have TWO problems, smoking AND weight!  No, good old willpower is the only way to go with anything you want to give up.  I’ll be remembering those words later today………

And a Happy New Year!