Woollen Graffiti?

Quite by chance I came across a new urban  art form.  It’s called  Yarn storming, It’s a  kind of woolly graffiti which is made by knitters to brighten up the streets last summer.  I’ve written about  the fabulous Christo and Jeanne Claude, the artists who wrapped buildings and places of interest, this isn’t quite in their league though…..  I can’t really see this taking off though and I would like to see the wool put to better use (keeping homeless people warm for example).  I wonder what happens to the yarn when it gets wet , which must be a daily hazard given our weather.  It must look soggily sad.  It’s not for me I’m afraid, though I applaud Knit the City Yarn Corps  artistic right to do it.  I wonder what you think though?

video by beagleskin

19 thoughts on “Woollen Graffiti?

  1. Wouldn’t it be cool if they made yarn hats for posts and scarves for rails and slippers and stuck them on door knobs? Remember the srtist who dropped free art around the US a year or two ago?

    1. It would be a fun idea Leslie! I do vaguely remember an artist doing free art, but this one left the art in the street, is that the one? . Can’t say I’m a great knitter myself, and I can’t follow a pattern for the life of me, but I can crotchet:)

      1. Thanks for posting that link Leslie! I recognised the art as soon as I saw it:) What a generous and nice person Bren Bataclan is to lift peoples spirits up like this! Thanks for sharing this heart warming article Leslie!

  2. I’m not sure about it either. Perhaps if they had used brighter colours? I would like to see them create some cheerful outfits for some of those grey steely statue characters that hang around London. Or perhaps a knit-in? A strip of knitting along the footpath enticing you to follow it? There are so many creative possibilities! I recently saw an ephemeral sculpture exhibition and one piece was a giant knitted patchwork marquis.

    1. Hhehe there are some good ideas coming from these posts! I like the idea of covering the statues, they could cover up all the statues legs like in Victorian times:) We’d better get knitting starting now:)

  3. Kind of a hybrid where graffiti meets the quilting bee ladies. I enjoyed the tongue in cheek aspect of it!

  4. Brightening up Covent Garden eh… This was done last year, wonder if it’s still there? perhaps some birds have taken it to build nests with:)

  5. I like Leslie’s idea. lol Like the Canadians in the video, I’ve never witnessed this where I live. Also agree with K about calling it graffiti, but it does brighten things up a bit 🙂

  6. I don’t know why they call is ‘graffiti’ either Adam, looks more like wrapping to me. Don’t know if it’s still going on though, I was in Covent garden a few weeks ago and didn’t notice anything like this:)

  7. Yarn-storming! I think it sounds funnier than it actually is, but good for them. It would make me smile if I saw a bit of knitted yarn wrapped around a lamp-post.

  8. Calling it graffiti is a cheeky play on words,as someone else said. Some tag with stickers, wheatpastes, and some with fiber (knitting or crochet).
    As for what it looks like wet, not a big deal, it dries out and looks fine. Ours seem to look fine even through an Ohio winter. Biggest problem is the sun bleaching it out, but otherwise it does fine.

    Don’t have to be able to follow a pattern or do fancy knitting or crochet, just have to have a bit imagination 🙂

  9. Thanks jafabrit1 this makes it a bit clearer:) Never thought of the sun bleachiing it out. Glad it’s still going strong! I never follow patterns, instructions eyc (terrible for this). I prefer the scenic journey, made lots of crazy crotchet and knitted spreads and stuff as well as exploring all forms of art – which I do each day,:) thanks for visiting!

  10. I agree – this isn’t really making an impact for me. And you’re right, I would rather see the wool, time and effort going to something more worthwhile like blankets for the homeless. The reporter is so serious!!

  11. Kimberley, knitted blankets are not useful for the homeless at all, in fact if you look at various orgs that serve the needs of the homeless, knitting is NOT on the priority list. What homeless need are sleeping bags, thermal blankets, food,bus passes to get to a shelter, toiletries, shoes/boots, etc.

    Let’s not presume that a yarnbomber doesn’t help the homeless in more useful ways or decide how others should use their creativity or craft supplies.
    Our community gains great pleasure from our knit graffiti, it makes the children smile, and we just recently gave a local man who is visually impaired a guided tour that he is going to share with others who are visually imparied. In that sense our effort has been VERY worthwhile.

    thanks for letting me share
    regards Corrine aka jafabrit

  12. Thanks for clearing the blankets for homeless point up Corrine, I stand corrected. May you and the jafagirls continue to bring smiles and pleasure to the community for many years to come!:)

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