Woollen Graffiti?

Quite by chance I came across a new urban  art form.  It’s called  Yarn storming, It’s a  kind of woolly graffiti which is made by knitters to brighten up the streets last summer.  I’ve written about  the fabulous Christo and Jeanne Claude, the artists who wrapped buildings and places of interest, this isn’t quite in their league though….. Continue reading “Woollen Graffiti?”

Art I LOVE – Christo and Jeanne Claude – It’s a wrap!

A million feet of wrapped coast at Little bay, Australia 1968 -69″] I used to quite enjoy wrapping presents, and I still do – if it’s the odd one, you can really put lots of effort in.  When it’s lots though……… it’s a chore as far as I’m concerned. The late Jeanne Claude with husbandContinue reading “Art I LOVE – Christo and Jeanne Claude – It’s a wrap!”