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Beautiful Scaramouche mask

There’s something thrilling about the wearing of masks: mysterious and glamorous.  The artist James Ensor (whom I recently wrote about) incorporated them into his paintings.  The Phantom of the Opera, Zorro, Batman and Robin, and the ancient Sybils of Rome all wore masks.  But the place which is synonymous with mask wearing is of course Venice.


The phantom

I went to Venice once, many years ago.  The shops were awash with masks.  Masks of every shape and size and made from all different types of materials, including leather.  I still have the pair of ceramic mask earings – a reminder of that trip.

Carnival dressing up

The Venetian masks are a many centuries old tradition – mostly worn during the Carnival of Venice.  Wearing them  allowed the wearer to mix  and act freely with others without social barriers (and sometimes without etiquette!)


Just one of the many masks from the Mask Society

This beautiful video shows a huge variety of masks.  the music is by Guisseppe Nabucodonosor ‘The Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves’

 Youtube feature by  juliane852

Scaramouche mask from here

The Venetian Mask Society here plenty of gorgeous masks here

Film by juliane8part2