Close encounters of an unusual kind

 For reasons which will become clearer if you look on my Bookstains’ blog, I have included these clips.  Mysterious eh?  Life is full of these little synchronisations (and where there isn’t, well what’s the harm in helping them along a bit 🙂

You may ask (though it’s more likely you won’t bother, as you just know that you will get a long-winded answer) which came first – the Bookstains piece or this post…….  Well it was the Bookstains piece.

Here’s Mr Darcy, Minding his own business, looking perfectly at home  in his Pemeberely estate….until he spies Lizzie….  


Women are always dreaming about houses: past houses, future houses, dream houses, better houses.  Unfortunately I can’t find a clip in english of the first time that  (why has the new Mrs De Winter  no name?) first sets eyes on Manderley – so here’s her escape route from her odious employer Mrs Van Hopper:-  

And now here’s another encounter (well, more of a re encounter), I have just heard that there has been a remake of the Science Fiction series ‘V’ (2009 actually).  The first part is being shown tonight.  It’s hard to believe that this series dates back to 1983 – which seems like yesterday!  I used to love this.  I have the DVDs of the original but haven’t played them for such a long time.  I just love everything about ‘V’, the story, the dramatic acting, the shapeshifting aliens, the fabulous corniness –  just so entertaining!  I wonder if this new version shall be as good though…..  I can only hope that any changes shall enhance the original – and I will try to keep an open mind.  I still remember the shock of the alien Diana eating that mouse – can the horror be bettered?  

meet the aliens

2 thoughts on “Close encounters of an unusual kind

  1. I was a fan of the original “V” and just about anything sci-fi. When I saw the promo for the remake I did sigh. Why so many remakes…have we become that empty for new ideas?

  2. Hya Art, I watched the first part of it last night. It wasn’t bad. All they’ve done from what I can see so far, is turn the characters relationships around and mix them up a bit. Oh and Diana is now Anna. Theres a priest in the mix and a woman agent who works for the FBI. How do I know that she works for the FBI? She has FBI in huge in your face letters on the back of her jacket – really!!:) There’s not been one mouse swallowed yet. I have seen the blinking eye of a lizard lurking behind the alien skin of a visitor. But…I’ll keep with it. I was huge fan of the original too – THAT music, SO exciting 🙂 Thanks for visiting – appreciated as always 🙂

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