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Discovered and uncovered – the invisible artist Lui Bolin

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Lui Bolin is the invisible man

I came across this innovative artist.   He’s called Liu Bolin – also known as the invisible man.  Bolin born Shandong, China feels so at home in camouflage that he soon becomes part of the scenery……

now you see him - then you don't

The talented Bolin says that his art is a protest against the government closing down his studio in 2005.  He insists that his art is political and that its about not fitting into society.

Bolin spends hours getting ready so he can disappear before his publics’ eyes.  This short video shows the artist being painted to fit into a temple backdrop.  I am most impressed with what he does 🙂  – truly amazing!  In the picture below, it took me quite a while to spot him!

can you spot him?

Bolin feels like his artistry isn’t always valued in his own country.  His art is a statement about not fitting into society.  Using himself as his own canvas he can stand for hours before anyone spots him.  His art can also be classed as performance art.  There is a good interview here about this amazing  artist and his work.

as part of a London phone booth

More pictures of his work here

yet more here

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