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Fossil Fuelled Teapots

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Susan Collett teapot

I don’t know whats going on, but I have had a few underwater themes on my blog recently.  From underwater photography to underwater sculpture.  Now I have found teapots that have a kind of underwater organic surface. I love these teapots from Susan Collett.  They look like they have just evolved, grown under the sea into these coral shapes.  So unusual and beautiful – really organic and calcified.

GJM Fossil teapot

The teapots from GJM Ceramics are unusual, quirky and have a great play on words.  Teapots like ‘Relativitea’ and ‘Calamitea’ are great fun and very aptly titled, but it is the teapot called just ‘Fossil teapot that I really like because of its patina and simplicity of patterns.  I like the way  the ceramicist has made the surface and the colour he has glazed it.   Unfortunately I could only find a very small image of this teapot, the larger version is available onsite.  The above mentioned are all from the ‘Novelteas’ collection from GJM Ceramics.

OctopusTeapot01 Miel-Margarita Paredes.

I found this last teapot on a site called ‘Everything Octopus’ which is indeed a collection of everything Octopus based!  The actual teapot is from a favorite of mine Miel-Margarita Paredes. who makes very unusual toys, oddities, helmets and curiosities – and much more.  I featured her work some time back.  This octopus teapot is a real work of art –  the sort of thing that could be passed on from generation, becoming an heirloom – yet always looking contemporary.

Susan Collett website here

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