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Art has got it Taped!

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Jimi Hendrix by Iri5

There’s a lot you can do with broken cassette tape – or even unbroken cassette tape.  Iri5 has made some incredible cassette portraits out of using this material.  Her Jimi Hendrix is really something and there’s more of her work HERE The image is from her collection called ‘Ghost in the machine’ – great name eh!


Brian Dettmer Ram

Yet another way of using cassette tape including their cases is through the medium of sculpture.  Artist Brian Dettmer has molded this material into animal, birds and skeletal form.  He uses no glue, using his own unique formula which remains secret.  I really like the quality of the melted cassette case – like bone which has been polished!

Sonic Fabric Neckties

Cassette tape is also lending its qualities to design.  These neckties are made from 50% recorded tape and 50% coloured thread.  Incredibly – the tape can actually be listened to by running the tape  through the cassette head of a Walkman!  Read more about it here

Brian Dettmer’s website with lots more of his work here including skeletons!

There’s a wonderful interview with the artist iri5 (Erika Iris Simmons) here