Flashback Challenge: Decisions and Decisions….

books books fabulous books!

Books books, books.  I am still reading Norman’ Collin’s ‘London Belongs tome’ at the moment (a thick book  which I am very much enjoying).  I am then going to read Chris Firth’s ‘Branwell Bronte’s Barber’s Tale’.  Then it will be time to take the  Flashback Challenge.  This challenge’s the reader to read a number of books  all over again!  Even childhood ones.

this is the film, not the book

I am going for the ‘Literati’ challenge (that’s over 6 books).  You get a year to read them, so it shouldn’t be a problem.  The real problem is WHAT to choose.  I will definitely be reading ‘Gormenghast’, the middle book of the ‘Titus Groan’ trilogy.  I read this every few years…and it’s been a few years.  I shall read it right off, nothing in between.  One has to immerse oneself in Gormenghast to get the full effect, lol!  There we go, I’m turning into Fuchia already!

How the Dead Live


Another book shall be (if I can find it)’ How the Dead Live’ by Will Self’ as I greatly enjoyed this book.  I want to choose books which have changed me or shaped me in some way, so I may choose a childhood book, though there are just too many.  It could be quite interesting to see if I view the book differently as an adult, or there could be things I missed  as a child, or interpreted differently.  Sounds a great challenge though.  If you would like to read more about it – HERES the link on this smashing blog by Aartichapati

Mervyn Peake website HERE

A blog about Mervyn Peake HERE


The only trouble is what to read

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