Hurrah for Popeye Saviour of the Vegetables!


I know that Popeye isn’t an artist,.  He isn’t even a real character, but I find him a very endearing little chapppie and seeing as  Google is commemorating the creater of Popeye, E. C Segar (Elzie Crisler Segar) b. 1894 – 1938   Illinois), I thought I’d add my twopennorth.

popeye and his spinach

Segar created Popeye as a support  character for Olive Oyle, in his comic strip ‘Thimble Theatre’ in 1929.  The little sailor so endeared himself  that he was brought back by popular demand.  Popeye’s  cheif characteristic is his strength, which he owes to the eating of  spinach.  He always seems to have a tin about his person, –  where he hides it, heaven knows.  I wonder how many children fell for the spinach myth?  I did, I’m afraid, and I still eat carrots to help me see in the dark…………….

Bluto pointing out that they both have the same girlfriend, I think

Read this to see how Segar got the idea about the properties of spinach.  Every hero has to have a protagonist, and Popeye’s  was the gigantic, meat headed, bearded Bluto.  They fought like mad over Olive Oyl, who was more a piece of property to be owned rather than a woman.  Poor Olive Oyl, all she wanted was romance  and chocolates and flowers, though I think she probably secretly enjoyed  the idea of two men fighting over her…..

torn between two lovers

  The above film is my very favorite Popeye film, featuring Bluto as ‘Barnacle Bill the Sailor’.  This is the first time I’ve watched this in years (and I mean years!) and I still find it hilarious.  Poor Olive Oyl…there’s a moral in there somewhere

Good website about this interesting cartoonist HERE

Lots of interesting facts about the artist, who was only aged 43 when he died  HERE

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