Tea and teapots: A Refresher Course

I spotted this video from 1941 which I thought was so comforting and nostalgic (even though I wasn’t around at the time  – so I don’t quite know how the nostalgic bit quite works…)  Though I have lots of teapots, I still make tea with the teabag in the cup.  So it’s time for a refresher course, I think.  Tea making has always been such a ritual.  The warming of the pot, the boiling water, infusion, the pouring etc,  Then theres the argument about the milk: does it go in first or after the tea has been poured?  i’ve been brought up to put it in after the pouring.  There’s something cheering about a kettle boiling, especially when it whistles.  I don’t mind the smell of coffee, but when I do have a cup, I have to follow it with a cup of tea!


2 Responses to “Tea and teapots: A Refresher Course”

  1. piningforthewest Says:

    I LOVE that video. Unfortunately I hate tea – but more on that subject later. I know what you mean about the nostalgia thing, it must be those echoes again.

  2. lol! yes! I love the smell of coffee, and I don’t really mind it…but I’d sooner have a cuppa really…

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