Discovered and uncovered – Emma Hack

find the model...
find the model...

I’ve only just discovered Australian artist, 37-year-old Emma Hack and already I am entranced by her work.  Emma describes herself as a Diverse multimedia artist, Skin illustrator, photographer and Sculptor.  She camouflages her model’s bodies by painstakingly painting them.  She then positions the model against the wallpaper then  photographs them.  See how she does this in this video.  It is worth watching through to the end to see the end results – which are amazing!

Tropical Palm with butterflies Mandela

  The designs are quite intricate and she got some of her earlier inspiration from art nouveau  designs.   The artist started out as a children’s face painter. It took her 10 hours to paint the guitar to promote the Adelaide Guitar Festival.  There are lots and lots of fabulous images on Emma Hack’s website – including the film here

Emma Hack wallpaper

 The guitar image from here (with a write-up about it.  Wallpaper image from here Flowery wallpaper with birds here

The video is by weensyweb

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