Bette Davis eyes alright


Who didn’t like this song by Kim Carns in the eighties – yes I have lived through them (and come out of them.  In fact I was around when Jesus Christ had his moment of doubt and fear, but that’s a whole other blog) … Who didn’t want these eyes?…and who’s stuck with em?

ANYWAY… My mascara dries up before this mascara (there’s an ad opportunity that passed by without waving)

I WANT MY MONEY BACK!…Clever though isn’t it? and so realistically portayed….. BUT still not convinced that this  is  artist is  actually using straight lumpy mascara…:)

I have to start black mascara tear painting very soon – Lord knows I’ve earned  it 🙂  Dying for art?  HA!

The link to this video is here

6 thoughts on “Bette Davis eyes alright

  1. That was great, Lynda. I had that song on my walkman when I’d go runnning. (many years ago, lol). Mascara…..does it dry?That looked more doable than that cheeto one. 🙂

  2. I agree Leslie about the mascara, unless it’s a special one that we don’t know about…. Glad you’re enjoying these films about artists working with different media as much as me! I have a most ‘unusual’ one lined up next…..:)

  3. Was this the same guy that did the cheese puff work? Something about the hair on his arm looked familiar?

  4. Hhaha correct! Well spotted Al! very observant:) have sent you an email regarding new idea, which I hope you will be part of (but I won’t be offended if you don’t :))

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