Weird and Wacky Design: Papering over the cracks

you get the idea?

Everyone at some time or other has made paper mache, either at home or at school.  We tore the paper into strips of bits and mixed with paste or even water.  Sometimes we pasted these strips onto plastic bowls and tried to prise the bowls off without breaking the paper mache shell!  Some people have agone a bit further with paper mache though – by making furniture out of it, like this armchair by Majid Asif.  The chair is built up in layers over an inflatable mold. 

Majid Asif armchair
Majid Asif armchair

Paper mache has never been more imaginative.  As a medium it has come on in leaps and bounds as artist Erika Takacs blog shows!  Some of the sculpture made of paper mache is amazing and very thought provoking.

Evolution paper mache sculpture

 I don’t know how on earth they get the paper mache so smooth, but this video shows an artist making a rather scarey fish called a ‘fishwichwich’ – amazing how he gets the sharp teeth, reminds me of a sea urchin.  The artist is DanMonsterMan and a lot of his videos can be seen here

Paper mache face mask image from here

8 thoughts on “Weird and Wacky Design: Papering over the cracks

  1. How fun to watch this getting made and it looks something like one of those deep sea angler fishes…got a nice chuckle from the cat popping in!

    1. Have to confess – diddn’t get that far Al BUT this post was put on at the last minute (will emal you about the idea I had Weeks ago) Hoping that you will be part off it…..
      Thanks for reading though your readership is VERY much appreciated (asyou wil find)

  2. …and the next thing….a chair emergers…and then you think…how HARD would it be to make a knife and fork?
    A slippery path Adam…a very slippery path:)

    1. New glasses – that’s what I need. My eyesight is getting worse! From just using glasses occasionally, the need to use them is growing by the day:0

  3. Loved that post which I have passed on to my children. I spent many hours with my them and newspaper and paste. It was great fun and we produced many magical things. This was a great reminder of happy memories. Thanks.

    1. Glad you like it Ann:) paper mache used to be a source of delight to us too as children – and we made loads of mess and nothing worth keeping! Fun though, and that’s the main thing;)

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