Altered art book: page 20 continued again


Continuing with page 20 in my altered art book.  ‘The phrase ‘Little bastard’ were Googled (because I hadn’t got a clue why I had chosen them, it was ages ago…)  This yielded the interesting fact that James Dean’s car was called this!  Dean of course is an icon, a rebel without a cause who died young.


 Andy Warhol  (1927 -87) was a real icon worshipper (and sometimes maker).  amongst those he immortalised were Marilyn Munroe .  Elvis, and Jackie O.  But film stars weren’t the only people who got the Warhol treatment.  The Electric  chair, even the humble soup tin provided fodder for Warhol, disproving his point about   the alotted 15 minutes of fame, as these still live on.




Dean and Munroe had a reputation for stomping off set, turning up late and generally being difficult, which fits in nicely to the chosen words –

Then high heels across the hallway and kitchen, then the door clicked shut..

He stared at her and stomped off up the road….

This book is getting harder and harder to do, and I haven’t even completed the first chapter yet lol!

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