Jerry cleans up!

You may remember that quite a few posts ago I wrote that Texan model Jerry Hall (ex Mrs Jagger) had decided to put some of her art collection up for auction last month (the post is here).  The collection which included paintings by Lucian Freud, Francesco Clemente and Warhol were sold at auction on the 16th OctoberContinue reading “Jerry cleans up!”

Happy 10th Birthday Tate Modern!

The month of May is nearly over and I cannot let it pass without wishing Tate Modern a Happy 10th Birthday.  I have been to the Tate Modern many times and seen quite a few exhibitions.  The Tate Modern galleries are built  in the space of Bankside Power station which closed in 1981 and the buildingContinue reading “Happy 10th Birthday Tate Modern!”

Altered art book: page 20 continued again

Continuing with page 20 in my altered art book.  ‘The phrase ‘Little bastard’ were Googled (because I hadn’t got a clue why I had chosen them, it was ages ago…)  This yielded the interesting fact that James Dean’s car was called this!  Dean of course is an icon, a rebel without a cause who diedContinue reading “Altered art book: page 20 continued again”

Altered art book Page 15 continued: A Trashy Romance

Page 15 continued…….. The words on this page are: – ‘Someone was God and she was always flirting with him’ ‘In her empire of Junk’ My first thought were to go with artists who were either spiritual, God Fearing or who just celebrated God: William Blake sprang to mind.  But then when I thought aboutContinue reading “Altered art book Page 15 continued: A Trashy Romance”