One years worth of daily posts!

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Well, I did it!  I have just completed one whole years worth of daily posts!  And I’ve enjoyed it, though sometimes it has been a bit stressful trying to get the posts on in time.  Some have been long some have been short, but I hope everyone has enjoyed them (well some of them).  I have decided not to blog every day in the future as there’s quite a lot I can be getting on with and sometimes this feels like a full-time (unpaid job).  But, it’s been very good discipline and I’ve learned lots and lots and met some very nice people who I hope shall stay with echostains:)  Here’s a small slide show depicting some of the ‘high’ lights!

4 thoughts on “One years worth of daily posts!

  1. Please do keep blogging when you feel the urge! I haven’t been with you for the whole ride, but have really enjoyed your posts. I have been educated, inspired, amazed and amused. Thank you 🙂

    1. Aw thank you Kirsty, that nice! I will keep on blogging, just not every day (though as you can see I couldn’t help but schedule a couple whilst I was away.. old habits die hard). I’m glad of your visits – appreciated!

  2. Thanks Lynda, I admire the dedication you have shown to commit to your blog for a whole year and follow through with it! I hope you do continue to post from time to time. For now, it would be interesting to see what you have learned from this experience and whether its translatable to your own visual art?

    1. What a lovely thing to say Al! Yes, it will be interesting to see what I’ve learned from these posts and how it will inform my own art work (which has been sadly neglected). It’s people like you, Kirsty, Leslie, Kserverny – eveyone on my blogroll – and some which should be (and will be) that make it worth doing:) Thanks to you all!

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