York Break: Throwing yourself on the Mercy of the Parish these days…….



………….involves a trip to the Parish pub Micklegate in York.  Yes, they’ve finally been and done it: made a church into a pub!  Yes I know this has been done before, but this time they have kept a LOT of the church features!

the-parish full of features

the-parish full of features

Before deciding if it works or not, I would like to know WHAT would have happened to the building if it hadn’t been converted.  Surely it wouldn’t have been demolished?  Is it a listed building?  How can it be if they have made it into a public house?  And if it isn’t listed, why not?  Originally St Johns church, it closed its door in 1934 and  became a kind of Art venue until the 70s.  What happened in the intervening years I don’t know.  Our pictures came out very dark I’m afraid..

the-parish still serving

the-parish still serving

Does it work though?  I think it does, in a strange way.  The ‘congregation’ are of all age groups, but mostly youngsters out on the town.  The music gets louder as the evening wears on.  The cocktails are a bit unimaginative: sex on the beach, the usual stuff.  But we went here twice and had a good time.  The atmosphere is nice and the space great – room to move.   I particularly liked the way the old stone worked with black marble and glass, and the whole sense of space.   All in all, a pleasant experience!

the-parish- bar

the-parish- bar


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