Echostains – what exactly is it’

 People are always asking me how I came up with such unusual name like ‘Echostains’ for a blog. Echostains began was a project I did at University. That project has now seen many changes, but it is still alive and kicking. I am still exploring communication through art, though now the communication is through theContinue reading “Echostains – what exactly is it’”

Altered book page 10 Freefalling Snake in the Grass

page-10-Altered art book Continuing over from page 9 with the pink pearlised ink, the words: – Booby trapped shows a drawing of a foot treading unwaringly on a hidden bomb.  Life is a time bomb really if you think about it; ready to go off at any moment.  Then it’s all over: that’s it really. Continue reading “Altered book page 10 Freefalling Snake in the Grass”