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Weird and Wacky – A Guitar Bridge too Far?

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Guitars come in all shapes and forms, some  are much coveted and admired – all are meant to played, but if you can’t play, I suppose you can just sit back and imbibe their beauty – or wonder at their wackiness. This  Fender Stratocaster was carved by Mike Deasy for Doug Rowell.  The figure of Jesus lends a helping hand and even may have been instrumental in seeing it’s safe return after 25 years from being stolen.  Miracles, it would seem, do happen.  As Jayne County said ‘Rock me Jesus – Roll me Lord, wash me in the blood of Rock and Roll (Rock and Roll Resurrection)

For those obsessives who cannot bear to parted from their guitars for long – how about this guitar gadget for the bathroom (or maybe stairway to heaven? (depending how desperate you are)

Those who prefer the acoustic version and  are feeling a bit flush (:-D) – there’s always this little number from Jammin Johns

This guitar would be ideal for Death Metal music – it comes straight out of Hell with its bat like wings.  They do say that Satan has the best tunes – so what better than a Demon bass to accompany the Satan/Angel guitar?  Unfortunately – the bass is only a toy though (available from here)

The Skatar includes free transport – no roadie required.  Skate to the gig on it, play it and return home, but just be careful not to step on the strings.  For show-offs (and there’s always one) this tripleneck was designed by Steve Vai strictly for those who like to wear their hearts on their sleeves I think.

This Sasquatch guitar is bordering on the ridiculous!  How could one possibly be taken seriously playing it?  Hendrix would have looked a bit daft setting fire to this – and the smell of those burning  plastic split toenails ……..

Finally for those who like to burn the midnight oil and have one burning desire there’s this (probably) eco-friendly petrol can guitar which I quite like.   Probably comes with a warning ‘Do not Smoke’

Jesus guitar and Satan/Angel guitar, heart shaped tripleneck and many more from here

Toilet seat guitar here  acoustic toilet seat by Jammin John

Sasquatch and petrol can guitars from here (with a slideshow of many others) well worth checking out

Weird and Whacky Design: There’s something Puzzling about Cruet sets…(and Fishy)

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Well I don’t know what happened last night to WordPress, but try as I did, I could NOT get on here : frustratingly.  It seemed as if the site was down?   Anyway it’s working now,

I used to collect novelty cruets: I have several sets.  So I thought I’d try to find some whacky ones.  Here’s one I found earlier…MUCH earlier lol!

Carltonware cruet.  Mine is missing the mustard spoon and the base is a dark green

Carltonware cruet. Mine is missing the mustard spoon and the base is a dark green

I have this Carltonware one…but my spoon is missing.  There’s something so cute about these tomatoes, though the colour is a bit ambitious.  The only red tomatoes in our shops are a kind of ornagy red with tough skins, unless you buy the vine ones which are more expensive.  I digress…

Vintage silver penguin cruet set

Vintage silver penguin cruet set

These penguins are silver plated and cost over £1,000!  Seems a shame to use them doesn’t it?  I love the one with the little fish in his mouth.

rubiks-salt-pepper-mills...good job those condiments are just a twist away eh, or you could be all day!

This cruet set is a bit of a puzzle………. how interesting!  I thought at first glance that  you had to find the right combination before the salt and pepper came out…. whilst your dinner went cold!  But not to worry!  Those condimentss are just a twist away!

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