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Altered Art Book page 7 and 8 In the Blood

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page7-and8 Altered book

page7-and8 Altered book

‘Dad says it’s in my blood’.  This page came about when I was researching my Family Tree a while ago.  I genuinely do believe that we have the same genetic make up as our ancestors, and that these traits will out eventually.  They may manifest themselves slightly differently, but situations, even names we come into contact with seem to be repeated down the line: history repeating itself.

p7- altered book

p7- altered book

It makes me wonder if life really is mapped out for us: that we are just living different permatations of the same life.  Like shaking up a lot of dice and letting them fall where they may.  Same componants: slightly different consequence depending on how, when and where they fall.  There is definitely something in the blood that is passed down.  The term ‘Sins of the father’ springs to mind.

‘Lots  of  blue and white balls’ (corpuscles)

‘Just like a washing machine’  (genetic pool)


Thinking of artist’s that use blood in their work, I immediately thought of Mark Quinn and his ‘Blood Head’.  Quinn made this years ago in 1991.  It was called ‘Self’.  He used his own blood in this (4.5 litres of it).  It took him 5 months to do it. 

Self Marc Quinn 1991 .  One he made earlier






 Despite rumours of it being destroyed when a freezer became unplugged, I believe it is still going strong.  Quinn makes a new cast every 5 years to document his own development and of course, deteriation.

Quinn his latest incarnation 2006

Quinn his latest incarnation 2006

It is interesting that Quinn has chosen a 5 year span to ‘renew’ himself.  I found this bit of writing I did a couple of weeks ago, after a strange period in my life.

That was written a few weeks ago and I feel differently now.  Perhaps my blood has come to a head or settled down,   I’ve since learned that  our entire  blood actually renews itself every 4 to 5 months BUT our entire bodies renews itself every 7 or 8 years!  7 years for a woman.   I digress.  I may start calling this blog the digressionfiles!

‘Is it really in my blood?  I can’t put my finger on it: foot in it perhaps, that isn’t anything new – but THIS IS!  Something feels wrong and I don’t know what it is.  Something feels wrong in me.  The last time I had this feeling was when I was 35.  We are a few years along now, but I am so aware of something changing within me.  It must be my blood!  and it feels kind of ‘alien’!  I can actually feel it, and it feels differently, I feel differently.  I don’t mean in opinions, tastes ect – just different inside.  I feel that something is happening or something is going to happen.  I feel ‘anxious’ butI don’t know what about.  Does the blood really renew itself every 7 years or so?  Is this what it si?  If so, I must have got a batch that’s gone off: like a bad pint.  Prhaps my barrel needs changing or my pipes need cleaning lol!’


There are other artist who have used blood as a media or a metaphor.  New York Blood Artist Jordan Eagles preserves blood between plexiglass, exploring regeneration and the metaphysical, he seeks a connection between the bodily, the spiritual and nature.

Hermann Nisch 'Blood Painting'

Hermann Nisch ‘Blood Painting’

Hermann Nitsch made a blood painting in 1962.  He used blood quite a lot in hs paintings and his performance art.  This gives it a sort of sacrifical aspect and also the possibility of redemption.  He also liked to pour red paint onto canvas, splattering and dripping the paint to resemble blood.  Nitsch sometimes rolled his own body into the paint to invoke extreme emotional reaction from his audience.  He was doing this in the 60s…and people are outraged with Von Hagens!