Happy Birthday Vlaminck!

Today is the birthday of Fauvist artist Maurice Vlamink.   I have written a little about him here in my ‘art quote’ section here.  He is an interesting fellow.  Jack of all trades,Vlamink (b. 1876 -1962 Paris, France) tried many styles including  Fauvism  but settled on an Expressionistic style. Vlamink was an instinctual artist, self-taught.  Being broughtContinue reading “Happy Birthday Vlaminck!”

Art Quotes Vlaminck Colour loaded

  The river Seine at Chatou by Vlaminck In an effort to get more art into my blog, I have come up with the idea of these ‘art quotes’.  I don’t know where they will lead (probably all over the place) hopefully the quotes will lead into other aspects – not just art.   As with any newContinue reading “Art Quotes Vlaminck Colour loaded”