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Weird and Wacky : Fright Lights!

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Weird lamps for old!   Lighting has always been a valuable consideration when creating ambiance to a room.  But  if you  want to  add  thrills, drama, laughter or just simply offer an unusual focal  point that will get your guests talking (and maybe reeling with shock a bit) – then look no further than these very original and enigmatic lamps!from-simple-to-weird-interior-lamps6


This naughty ‘pooping’ doggie  is actually called ‘Good Boy’.  He may not be to everyone’s taste, however he’s no shrinking violet in the design stakes. Crafted by  UK artist Whatshisname (really) the doggies little brother Good Puppy is also an attention seeker.  The lamps are floor lamps and  to activate them, one must tread on the accompanying dog turd switch.  They are available from the artist ‘Whatshisname’.


Pondering the age-old question about what to do with those dolls heads you keep falling over? I know I am.  Check out this video which shows you how to make your own exciting lamps out of them.

Alternatively you can buy a ready-made weird wired baby lamp from Wired-Weird-Baby-Doll-Lamps-3many sources featured here.

Here's one I saved from an early art project

Here’s one I saved from an early art project









‘Out Demons Out’ How to out your demons?  Bring them into the light with this cheeky  Demon lamp via here  He’s made from the skull of a land turtle which was found in the hills of Polk County.  His wings are made from copper and brass tubings and when he’s lit (2 x 15w bulbs) he will creep you out!  Maybe not one for the bedroom?

The Demon Lamp

The Demon Lamp

Thought dummies belonged in a shop window?  Here’s some that have escaped. These mannequin lamps from AL-Hamad Design remind me of the veiled mourning statues the Victorians loved so much.





However, when anyone  puts these babies in the corner they won’t be ignored for long.  The male ones talk via a built-in speaker in the torso!  All the lamps have a touch sensor in the hand which include three dimmer setting.  Shaking hands with them will turn them on – and off!  The costumes are dressed in  traditional  Kuwaiti costume.  I think they’re great!

Pooping dog images from here and here.  Video ‘How to make a Dolls Head Nightlight  mausoleum Statue image from here.  Thanks to all.


Weird and Wacky design – Hair brained?

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Victorian mourning brooch with hair picture

Hair is an important part of us.  When we are gone, we know that our hair will go on…. and on. The Victorians kept locks of their loved ones hair long after death and made it into mourning jewelry or ‘Mememto Mori ( remember you must die)  These included brooches, rings necklaces, pictures even earings!

mimi parent

But hair is now being used in ecology. This free home-grown commodity is also being used as art medium.   It’s not a new idea, Surrealist artist  Mimi Parent (b. 1924 – 2005 Montreal) used hair in her work.

hair chair by ronald thompson

Former London hairdresser Ronald Thompson,  has used clipping to make a hair chair which is very durable.  He is now researching uses for this free recyclable resource and predicts  that in the future clothing, boats and even mascara could be made of it!

The story of Carlos Sute, a small dwarf who amused himself after being marooned, by building himself a 3ft boat out of his own hair gave artist/hairdresser  Carlos Dimas the inspiration to make his own version (see the short video)

hair shoes

I don’t know quite what to make of these hair shoes though – seems a waste of hair to me.  I wonder if you shampoo condition and style them when they get dirty…..

dress made of human hair by a Croatian company in 2005

This hair dress must have taken a lot of work and used a lot of hair.  Glad to see that this trend hasn’t caught on yet… much be itchy?   

Images from a 2005 exhibition here

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