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Reflections: Hibernating, Twittering and Art

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its way past your bedtime young squirell

I’ve usually wrote and scheduled my blog by this time.  Where has the day gone?  Trying to do too many things at once makes the day short.  The days are short enough with these long nights.  I wonder what our ancestors made of it?  I just want to hibernate when it gets dark and cold, squirrels have the right idea.  But I can’t afford to do that – not put enough nuts away to retire yet!

Here's one we didn't make earlier....

Still unsure if Twitter was a good idea, or a nowhere one.  I’d better keep with it I suppose.  I’m probably not making the most of it, but we will see.  It’s coming up to my blogs first anniversary at the end of this month, and I have a few changes planned for that.  So far, I have only missed 4 days, and that’s  before I got the hang of it.  HA! not that  I have got the hang of it.  Every so often half the formatting goes BIG, a bit aggravating, but at least I have stopped losing my work now.

This is Francis Bacon's studio. Seen this in Dublin....mine was getting a bit like it lol!

I’ve been priming a canvas today (bit of a while since I did that).  I don’t seem to find any time for my art these days, though I do keep creative.  I mean, getting down to the nitty-gritty of painting.  I may turn the spare bedroom into a studio, it’s a bit cold in the cellar.  That cellar has been used as band practise (by my daughter years ago), a brewery (Chateau Red Cloud…now that was a very good year! not to mention ? I’ve forgotten what the beer was called but I could taste sterilising liquid (PURE ale probably), then an art studio.  It’s now hubby’s ‘space’ but he’s never down there now he can have it to himself – typical!

A sense of Recently

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The Star Inn today, work is underway

Just a quick one tonight as I’m working: more of a kind of summing up really.  The Star inn project has started, we will need more help, but I think there’s a lot of goodwill around and although it’s only the first day, they have accomplished quite a bit.

Follow Me? chance would be a fine thing

I’m a Twitterer now!  Again, it’s early days and I don’t have many followers yet, but I’m hoping that will change in the future.  I still can’t get that blasted Twitter bird on my page, though I have managed to get my twitterings on.

adopt a word today!

I’ve adopted a word: a most wonderful locupletative word!  I’m trying to slip it into conversations but have been greeted so far with blank stares.  I just can’t see this word catching on somehow, but I shall persevere – I’ve put a lot of hard work into remembering it and  it’s taken me a couple of days to pronounce it without stumbling over it, lol!

A Witter about Twitter

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I can’t make up my mind whether to join Twitter or not.  First of all, why is it any different from Facebook? (which I go on infrequently).  Are  your  ‘twitterings’ open for all to read’?  How will this help my blog?  I mean, do I write ‘I am now blogging away as we speak………‘ and do a link?  In short, I haven’t a clue lol! Is anyone, reading this post actually on Twitter? and how has it helped them?  and could they help me?  What are ‘followers’? and will I look sad if I don’t get any? lol! (and will I care? …  er yes!)  So many questions, but what are the answers?

the twitter bird says follow me...but what if they don't lol!

the twitter bird says follow me...but what if they don't lol!