Reflections: Hibernating, Twittering and Art

I’ve usually wrote and scheduled my blog by this time.  Where has the day gone?  Trying to do too many things at once makes the day short.  The days are short enough with these long nights.  I wonder what our ancestors made of it?  I just want to hibernate when it gets dark and cold, squirrelsContinue reading “Reflections: Hibernating, Twittering and Art”

A sense of Recently

Just a quick one tonight as I’m working: more of a kind of summing up really.  The Star inn project has started, we will need more help, but I think there’s a lot of goodwill around and although it’s only the first day, they have accomplished quite a bit. I’m a Twitterer now!  Again, it’s earlyContinue reading “A sense of Recently”

A Witter about Twitter

I can’t make up my mind whether to join Twitter or not.  First of all, why is it any different from Facebook? (which I go on infrequently).  Are  your  ‘twitterings’ open for all to read’?  How will this help my blog?  I mean, do I write ‘I am now blogging away as we speak………‘ and doContinue reading “A Witter about Twitter”